Privacy Policy

CreditClub (hereinafter referred to as "we") formulates this privacy policy to help users make clear decisions on the use of services (hereinafter referred to as "services") provided by us through the website, its derivative websites and service device applications (hereinafter referred to as "services").

This privacy policy does not apply to activities / practices with companies we do not belong to and / or control, or to individuals who do not cooperate with us or are not led by us, including but not limited to third parties to whom we may disclose user information, because they have previously cooperated with us in accordance with the provisions of this privacy policy.

By clicking or downloading, installing, activating or using the service, the user has agreed and is bound by the terms of this privacy policy. If you have any questions or concerns about this privacy policy, you can contact us through the app.

Information collected and stored

We collect and store user data to accelerate the delivery, maintenance and repair of services and other uses permitted by applicable laws and regulations. The types of data and information we collect and store include:

1. User ID: when the user submits a loan through the service, we require the user to provide personal information, such as name, email, phone number, aadhaar number, pan number, etc., which will be used as the user ID in the future.

2. Submit information. When users submit loans through services, they shall fill in KYC information, population information and living expenses, employment information, relevant information and bank information, including account number, bank name and residential address information.

3. Use information. We will also collect information about how users use the service, including how users view and interact with the content, the parts of the service they use, the information they are looking for, what they see, and the actions they take.

4. Third party information. We collect user data and information through third-party data sources that we use to provide services.

5. Log data. When users use the service, we will automatically record information about user usage ("data log"). The log data can include the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the user's computer or mobile device, browser type, web page visited by the user before entering the website, web page visited by the user, time and date of visit, time and date of visit, reference data of application installation, etc.

6. Mobile device information. When users use this service, we will only collect information according to the consent and permission provided by users and in accordance with Google play developer policy. This is access and data, and we will first get approval and permission to collect that data.

Contact list: we will scan the contact list data on your mobile phone and upload it to the server. Data include: contact name, contact phone number and phone number.

Camera permission: in order to ensure the smooth operation, we use the camera for detection, and we will closely protect your data.

Access to wireless network / network / Internet status: we authorize access to your Internet status;

Read external memory: read SD card information and get better feedback through online customer service;

Storage (storage media license): we will collect some of your usage data and upload it securely to the server.

Application List: we will collect the name, installation time and update time of the application installed on the user's mobile phone.

Location: we authorize access to your location information.

Read phone status: collect crash logs to improve the service experience.

Use of information users

As mentioned in the previous section, we will use all or part of the data collected and stored from users to process the following:

We use submission information, user IDs, third-party data, data logs, and mobile devices to assess, risk analyze, and approve decisions for submission services.

We use mobile device information with the following list:

Contact list (for phonebook data): we use this information for credit assessment and approval of service provision approval.

Camera (camera permission): we use this information to detect whether the operation is completed manually. We will strictly protect your data.

Internet (network license): we use this information to access our services over the network.

Storage (storage media license): we use this information for credit assessment and approval services to submit for approval.

Application List: we use this information for anti fraud services and risk control services to determine whether users are our target users, so as to ensure that we can provide better services for the target users.

Location: we use this information for credit evaluation and approval services.

Further, we can use all or part of the data obtained from users, as described in this section, before doing the following:

Develop or assist in the service approval process.

Provide information to an independent party as a government agency on the administrative procedures for reporting or responsibility.

Perform all operational obligations such as monitoring and analysis services and audit functions

Communicate with users via mail, email, phone, or access fields.

Identify, detect and prevent fraud, money laundering, terrorism and other criminal activities.

Identify the presence of users in an attempt to recover debt with our users.

Information to share

Please fill in the following personal data through the application form. The types of personal information we collect may include:

Bank card information, ID card information, occupation, address, education background and family status. We use this information to ensure your authenticity and make it easier for us to provide better services.

Without the user's permission, we promise not to sell, transfer, deploy or borrow data or information users, except for the following situations:

Business groups and parties related to us

A company, organization, or group that we use to help run a business, such as collecting money, repaying debts, or providing services on our behalf

Provide us or our companies, organizations or personnel in the form of products and / or services, such as the payment system we use

We guarantee that we will not sell, transfer, distribute or borrow the personal data or information of the user without the permission of the user, except for the following circumstances:

Third parties to whom we sell or convert (or negotiate to sell or transfer) our business, and our rights or obligations. If such information is transferred or sold, the information of the private user can be used in the same way as that of us

Government agencies, including the Bank of India, the financial services authority and the financial transaction reporting and Analysis Center, among which we are regulated by regulations and legislation and are required to provide information on a regular basis, as well as other agencies in accordance with applicable laws

The three parties are wise. We believe that it is good to develop or expand services through the rules and laws of the Republic of India.

Third parties or partners, in accordance with this policy, we believe it is necessary to carry out "Referral" activities in accordance with applicable rules and regulations to meet the needs of users.

The choice we make is careful. On each side, we share the data. All service providers are bound by the contract to maintain the security of the user's personal information and use it only when we allow it.